Spot Colour Screen Printing Service

Screen printing is the process of applying ink to a material via a silk screen mesh. An image is applied one colour at a time, these are referred to as spot colours. The use of spot colour screen printing still holds a very unique place within the printing industry, for example if you wished to add a metalic gold logo to a poster you could print the poster digitally and then screen print the gold spot colour.

The use of screen printing spot colours can bring another dimension to your designs and is very popular within a retail advertising environment where a special spot colour such as a metalic or a fluorescent can enhance a campaign. Spot colours are also important when an accurate colour match is required.

For designs which are one or two colours and need to printed in high volume, spot colour screen printing could be the most cost effective method of production. Other applications for spot colour printing include applying varnishes to give a high gloss finish a matt finish or even anti slip.

Screen printing is still one of the most labour intensive forms of printing and alongside using the best equipment, knowledge is one of the most important factors to achieving the best possible printed outcome. We can advise you how your design can be set up in order to achieve best results. Why not take advantage of our extensive knowledge of screen printing and give or team a call.

  • Accurately match spot colours with screen printing

  • Take advantage of special spot colours like fluorescents, metalics and colours not achievable through CMYK printing.

  • Screen print spot white to back up and underpin images printed on clear materials.

  • UV cured screen printing inks are long lasting and robust outside.

  • Add a spot colour to an existing image as an overprint, a great combination with digital printing.

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