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Printed Dry Wipe Wall Vinyl

Dry wipe wall graphics – Turn any wall or surface into a bespoke printed dry wipe display

Dry wipe wall graphics, take your design and apply our special dry wipe film over the top. These new dry wipe graphics are great for creating bespoke dry wipe feature walls especially in office and retail spaces.

Dry wipe stickers can replace a traditional dry wipe board and often work out to be a lot cheaper. Another advantage of our printed dry wipe sticker vinyls is that you can personalise them with your own design before the special dry wipe film is applied.

We are leaders in producing the ever popular new dry wipe wall graphics wrap. We can take a blank wall, site survey, design, print and install your very own dry wipe wall graphic display. Great for office environments our dry wipe wall graphic install service is available anywhere in the UK. If you want to go one step further you can also add a ferrous base to your dry wipe wall making it receptive to magnets as well!

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Our 4 step process for a successful project

Here at Wallace Print we have created a simple 4 step end-to-end service where we assist you through every step of the journey from the site-survey to printed wall graphic installation. All printing projects can seem overwhelming, we understand that. With wall graphic printing projects, its no different. Its a large project with many different components to think about, At Wallace Print we have simplified our process so we can help you, at every step of the way.

To begin with we will make sure that we manufacture the printed dry wipe wall vinyl to suit the location and environment. Every job starts with a free internal and comprehensive site survey, where you plan to install the wall graphics carried out by one of our experts, we may even need to inspect the area of installation to ensure we overcome obstacles and that all hoarding panels are designed to the correct specification.

This allows us to take all the necessary measurements and plan access to ensure a smooth installation and provide a better and more accurate quotation.

Once the site survey has been completed the dimensions we shall with your graphic designer or design team who will then begin to create an a eye-catching wall graphic.

Upon request we can produce a visualisation of the design and measured wall graphics within a design mock-up to share with stakeholders to gain approval before the printing production commences.

Once the designs are fully signed off, the artwork will be put into production using our in-house printers. Our 1,160sqm print workshop allows us to house state of the art machinery such as our large digital format printers and print finishing capabilities, All of our wall graphics are digital printed on the best settings using premium materials and highest quality industry standard eco-solvent ink.

If you want to read more about the printing process or our methods, please visit our print services.

As you can guess we take great pride in our in-house printing & manufacturing capabilities to provide faster lead times and cost effective prices for customers.

Finally, once the wall graphics have been printed with your designs, we will then schedule our in-house installation team to carry out the work to install quickly and skillfully the printed wall vinyl.

Our print installation team are equipped with all the latest tools and carry certifications & accreditation’s such as CSCS, IPAF, PASMA and we hold a 10m Allianz public liability insurance.

  • Turn any wall or surface into a printed dry wipe.

  • Why pay out for an expensive standard dry wipe board?

  • Create any size dry wipe area you want and print with your own details.

  • Dry wipe feature walls are very popular in offices.

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