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Graphics walls are an excellent way to transform any wall surface either internal or external, temporary or permanent. They are a cost-effective and creative way of making the most out of your wall space, and are increasingly used in all manner of settings including business, retail, events, offices or hospitality. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end service which includes site visits, digital printing and professional installation (or any combination of these services to suit your requirements).

Supplied in vinyl drops with the aim of covering an entire wall surface transforming the whole space. Available with removable or permanent adhesive & a range of protective coatings like matt & gloss.


Self-adhesive graphics which have been cut to shape & supplied on transfer paper pre-spaced ready to apply to the wall. Works well for individual cut lettering and logos allowing the wall to still show


One piece wall coverings are an innovative polyester fabric finish wall covering that is installed in a single graphic section meaning an entire wall graphic can be installed without joins.


Printed external brick wall vinyls are becoming a very popular way to create a bespoke wall graphic on rough and external surfaces. Installed with heat brick wall wraps are protected with a laminate.


Dry wipe wall graphics, take your design and apply our special dry wipe film over the top creating a fully wipeable dry wipe surface! We now offer a matt finish as well as the traditional glossy look. .


Phototex is a really clever fabric based wall covering with an adhesive which is re-positionable and non-destructive. Super easy to fit and easy to move from wall to wall Phototex is popular for events.


Printed magnetic walls, we cover your walls in a special ferrous sheet, we then cover with your chosen printed design or left plain white. This can then be overlaid with bespoke printed magnet graphics.


Transform any flat surface into a chalkboard which can take both chalks and chalk pens. Before it is installed we can print any design permanently onto the chalkboard vinyl for a totally customised graphic.


We offer three options for printed wallpapers; traditional paste up wall paper, permanent self adhesive backed paper and pre-pasted which applies with only water. Multiple face textures available.


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Why choose Wallace Print for printed wall graphics?

Experience. With over 30 years’ experience of wall decal printing and with over 1000 completed graphic installations we are a partner that you can rely on to deliver the right wall graphic for you. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, not only of the printing process but on our ability to match your wall surface with the perfect product.

Support. Buying a bespoke wall print can be a daunting prospect, where do you start? We aim to take the hassle out of the whole process, offering free consultations, site survey, artwork support and national installation. We give the same care, attention and expertise to every project whether it be for a single wall or the complete transformation of a larger space.

Quality. With all of our own in-house wall printing production we have complete control over our print process allowing us to ensure a first class finish every time. With the latest UV printers all our printed wall graphics are printed at market leading quality. We also employ our own professional installers who are trained to the highest standard.

printed wall graphics

Need a quotation? – Drop us a message.

We can produce a wall graphic for ANY surface.

We’re confident that Wallace Print will have a suitable printed wall decal solution for any wall surface whether that be internal or external. We constantly aim to stay up to date with the latest technologies and materials to be sure that we can offer the best printed solution for any application.

With a range of over 100 materials and the experience of more than 1000 installations we have seen it all and overcome every challenge! We work with all of the major material suppliers including 3M, Avery, Mactac Wallchalker, Mactac WW100, WW300, Vion, General Formulations Roughamark, Metamark, Coala, Vistamax, Endutex, Digimura One, Ritrama and Drytac

If you can provide a like for like quotation we will aim to beat it!

We believe that we are as competitive as anyone else in the UK when it comes to bespoke printed graphic enquiries. With control of our own in-house production and our own employed professional installers we are confident we can beat any like for like quotation. In the unlikely event that we are not the keenest price please send us through a copy of any lower quote and we will double check it matches and aim to beat it!

Printed wall vinyl with lamination for short or long term bespoke walls

Printing wall graphics has been our specialty for over 30 years, our wall vinyl offers a number of benefits over traditional paint or wallpapering. Our wall vinyl can be laminated, giving you the option to create a bespoke graphic that can be cleaned without damaging the print or the wall. This makes printed vinyl wall popular for environments such as restaurants, leisure facilities, retail, offices and hospitals.

Here at Wallace Print we offer a comprehensive end-to-end service which includes site visits, digital printing and print installation, we print all our vinyl wall coverings in highest definition available using premium inks & materials that won’t fade or scratch your existing walls.

Our wall vinyl printing material of choice is Mactac WW300, we use this self adhesive graphic film because it is a block out vinyl and its adhesive produces a great long term contact with most wall surfaces unlike many cheap alternatives!

We offer a national install service for large prints for walls.

We understand that the idea of creating a printing wall wrap feature, might at first appear quite daunting but our expert team can help you from the very start of your project including site survey through to install. Why not give our expert team a call today to discuss your requirements.

Our printed wall vinyl is a product is similar to what you would expect from traditional wallpaper, supplied in drops to cover an entire wall with no gaps. Our wall vinyl graphics stick with an adhesive on the reverse which can vary from removable to permanent for a range of surfaces.

Our traditional wall vinyl, we use WW300 wall vinyl widely regarded as the most robust wall vinyl in the industry which is used through-out different, it can be laminated, giving you the option to create a bespoke graphic that can be cleaned without damaging the print or the wall which makes it perfect for restaurants, leisure facilities, retail, offices and hospitals, versatile with its finishing methods and durable for high traffic areas.

Vinyl cut wall graphics, apply cut lettering and logos and bring your walls to life.

Vinyl cut wall graphics are a great way to add your brand or a bit of bespoke creativity to plain or painted walls. Much more cost effective than wrapping the entire wall, vinyl cut wall graphics can be applied in the area that choose.

We offer vinyl cut wall graphics from any solid colour vinyl including special vinyls which give you a finish you cannot achieve through digital printing, for example fluorescent and metallic vinyl.

Our plotter cutters also have a magic eye facility which now allows us to print a design or logo and then vinyl cut to the shape of the required wall graphic, for example your logo and text.

After the vinyl has been plotter cut to the desired design we then weed out all of the waste vinyl and apply an application tape. The application tape allows the vinyl cut design to be easily applied directly to the wall.

If you would like to discuss a vinyl cut wall graphic please feel free to give our team a call.

Cut wall vinyl graphics are a great way to add your brand or a bit of bespoke creativity to a plain or painted walls, more cost effective than wrapping the entire wall, cut wall vinyl can be applied in the area of choice to any flat surface using our self adhesive wall vinyl which is printed and then cut to shape, usually as text, individual images and logos.

These cut vinyl elements are pre-spaced on the material and an application tape applied so they can be easily transferred to a wall or any flat surface. Letters, images, logos. After the vinyl has been plotter cut to the desired design we then weed out all of the waste vinyl and apply an application tape. The application tape allows the cut vinyl design to be easily applied directly to the wall.

We offer vinyl cut wall graphics from any solid colour vinyl including special vinyls which can give you a finish you cannot achieve through digital printing, for example fluorescent and metallic vinyl.

Polycril canvas / Rafa canvas, the no seams or joins wall covering taking the industry by storm.

Polycril canvas also known in the print industry by the name Rafa canvas is an innovative wall covering solution that means an entire wall graphic can be installed in a single piece. Polycril canvas is printed on a roll up to 3.2m wide in a single length, meaning you can cover most walls in a single graphic drop. The graphic is installed by pasting like a traditional wall paper but without the need for vertical joins every 52cm!

Both Rafa canvas and our polycril canvas are 100% blockout which means they can go straight over existing coloured surfaces without any show through. The texture of the material is a soft feeling matt canvas finish which is non-reflective and gives a high quality feel. This makes it perfect for the walls in offices, restaurants, retail and even homes.

Another significant benefit of the polycril canvas is that it is B1 fire rated and made from non-PVC materials which means that is it also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our black back polycril canvas 330gsm can be printed in high quality digital up to 3.2m wide, but if you require larger we can print a whopping 5m wide black backed rafa canvas but at a slightly reduced quality.

As early adopters of the printing polycril canvas and rafa canvas wall wraps we have vast experience installing across the UK and Europe. If you are looking at producing a wall graphic and you ideally would prefer no joins why not speak to our expert team.

Polycril Canvas / Rafa Canvas Wrap – Becoming ever a more popular wall graphic solution, the printed one piece wall covering offers a completely seamless finish. This makes it perfect for complex designs and for large spaces. Applied with wallpaper paste it is a very forgiving wallcovering to install. Also known in the industry under various names such as Digimura One, Vertex fabric, grey back polyester, polycril, Rafa canvas and fabric wall wrap

Brick wall vinyl is a new and innovative solution for applying print to external & rough walls

Printed external brick wall vinyls are becoming a very popular way to create a bespoke wall graphic on rough and external surfaces. Here at Wallace Print we work with two main materials; Mactac WW100 wall vinyl, which requires heat to apply but is more cost effective and also Alumigraphic which only requires a roller to apply.

Typically associated with short or medium term campaigns, printed brick wall vinyl can bring wasted spaces to life and open up new marketing opportunities

We have experience printing and installing both WW100 and also Alumigraphic in challenging environments, to find out which would be best suited to your project why not give our team a call and discuss your requirements.

Brick Wall Wrap, perfect for wall graphics on any extreme brick work or curved surfaces. The brick wall vinyl is highly versatile and robust and can stand the test of time in all weather conditions. Applied with heat our brick wall vinyl is availble in a matt or gloss finish and we stock material by Mactac, WW100 and also Gerneral Formulations Roughmark.

Dry wipe wall graphics – Turn any wall or surface into a bespoke printed dry wipe display

Dry wipe wall graphics, take your design and apply our special dry wipe film over the top. These new dry wipe graphics are great for creating bespoke dry wipe feature walls especially in office and retail spaces. Dry wipe stickers can replace a traditional dry wipe board and often work out to be a lot cheaper. Another advantage of our printed dry wipe sticker vinyls is that you can personalise them with your own design before the special dry wipe film is applied.

We are leaders in producing the ever popular new dry wipe wall graphics wrap. We can take a blank wall, site survey, design, print and install your very own dry wipe wall graphic display. Great for office environments our dry wipe wall graphic install service is available anywhere in the UK. If you want to go one step further you can also add a ferrous base to your dry wipe wall making it receptive to magnets as well!

Dry wipe feature walls are a relatively new product but they are proving very popular and we are installing more and more of them especially in offices.

Dry wipe wall graphics – With the dry wipe vinyl you can create a feature wall that you can write on and wipe off, this is a great feature within an office environment you constantly making mindmaps and project timelines where you constantly have to remove the information..

Phototex wall covering, easy to fit and remove, its clever stuff

Phototex is a really clever wall covering that is a hybrid between a vinyl and a wall paper with the added bonus of being non-destructive to the wall and easy to fit and remove. We print Phototex on our high quality digital presses and it looks fantastic.

Phototex has established itself as a leading Wallpaper, or as it is often referred to as Wall Covering, for the discerning digital printer and designer. Phototex is easy to use due to its patented and unique low tack adhesive. The patented adhesives’ water resistant characteristics provide flexibility as an internal and external Wall Covering.

The textile/fabric material of Phototex makes it exceptionally easy to use and hang; wrinkle free. If there is a wrinkle, simply pull back, reposition and re-apply. Once you’re ready to remove Phototex it is 99%+ residue free, leaving the wall ready for the next wall covering unlike traditional wallpaper stripping. Removing Phototex is as quick as pulling a corner and pulling it down.

Phototex is a fantastic product that is taking the custom wall graphic market by storm. Phototex is a name you can trust and rely on hence why we have put our support behind the product.

If you are looking to create a short term feature wall that you dont want to incur expensive install costs on then a printed Phototex graphic could be just what you are looking for.

Phototex Wall Wrap – An innovative wall fabric produced by Landor and now avilable with a white or grey back for blcoking the wall surface underneath, Phototex wall graphics are fantastic for short term application. With a special repositionable adhesive which guarantees to leave no damage printed Phototex graphics are perfect for transforming retail spaces, exhibitions, event centres and hired spaces.

Frequently asked questions…

How do I order a printed wall graphic?

To begin working with us, simply get in contact with us by phone 01634 724772 or email us at and one of our highly skilled account managers will be able to help.

What wall surfaces are suitable for your printed wall graphics?

Our printed wall graphics are recommended for use on smooth, flat surfaces, however we do offer many different wall graphic materials that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

How do I clean my printed wall graphics?

Once the wall graphics have been installed we recommend you can safely clean you wall graphic with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth.

Can you help me to design my wall graphic?

Unfortunately not, Here at Wallace Print we don’t offer a graphic design service, however if you have an artwork already prepared and you have having a few issues be sure to see our Print Design Services page for more information.

Can you help if we want just a single wall wrapped?

We offer a wide range of printed wall graphics from single stickers to complete coverings we can provide both permanent options and removable wall coverings that will not damage existing wall coverings. Printing on walls can seem like a daunting prospect but our 30 years experience makes us well placed to manage your wall graphic project from start to finish.

Where can a printed wall graphic be install?

In recent years we have seen a massive increase in people looking to add bespoke large format wall graphics whether that be retail wall graphics, hotels, bars, restaurants or public spaces printed wall graphics have become increasingly popular. – Here at Wallace Print we have a range of materials and products to cover just about every wall requirement! Based in Kent we are well positioned for installing print on walls in London and the South East but we can also mobilise teams across the UK.

Do you offer an install service for printed wall graphics?

As part of the our end-to-end service for printed large graphics for walls, we offer a skillful and quick installation of the printed wall graphics, based in Kent, under an hour from London and can mobilize our in-house installation team to carry out the work within a quick leadtime. – Our print installation team are equipped with all the latest tools and carry certifications & accreditation’s such as CSCS, IPAF, PASMA and we hold a 10m Allianz public liability insurance.

What format should my artwork be in?

Usually we recommend a print ready PDF file, however we will accept working design files as long as they are print ready, If not you may incur a design fee. You can find out more here.

Can I collect my printed wall graphic?

If it is convenient for you to collect then yes, we can arrange a collection from our factory in Kent, please do let us know when placing your order.

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Delivery information

Usually from artwork approval we recommend 3-5 working days before delivery. – If you have a particularly large print run or are looking for urgent delivery times please speak with us and of our expert account managers will do our best to accommodate. – Please note that lead time corresponds with when we receive print ready artwork.

How to install your wall graphics?

Here at Wallace Print we offer expert printed wall graphic installation service, and our team of installers can look after your project from site survey, risk assessment through to full install and project management. We have all the relevant industry require insurances and certifications and can work under your own brand if required, find out more here.

However if you haven’t taken our graphic installation service on board with your printed graphic we recommend the following when installing a printed wall graphic.

  • Firstly, make sure the wall you are planning to install on is flat and smooth as possible.
  • Before starting the install ensure the wall surface and working area is clean of dirt, dust and grease.
  • We recommend to mask the working area with masking tape to position your wall graphic.
  • Remove the backing layer of the wall vinyl and apply to the wall/working area.
  • Use a squeegee to gently remove any air bubbles, be careful not to damage the wall vinyl or printed graphic when removing any air bubbles.
  • Allow the wall vinyl to sit for 24 hours. Now you are complete!

Need more information about our printed wall graphics?

Our wall graphics are recommended for use on smooth, flat surfaces that have been prepared before installation. Please speak with us on 01634 724772 or email if you would like advice with your wall prints and our experienced sales manager will offer free and comprehensive consultation.

Need help with your artwork?

Creatively, anything goes as long as it fits within the brand guidelines when it comes to wall graphics design. Logos, maps, big bright images and colourful shapes. Unfortunately we don’t offer a graphic design service but if you are struggling with your print or artwork design, please feel free to view Print Design Services, and if you are still stuck please get in contact with us and ask to speak with our studio team.

Need to send your artwork to us, If the artwork is under 2mb please email to if the artwork is larger than 2mb please use our free WeTransfer link.

Trusted Brands & Compaines

We have built our reputation on reliability, customer service and being innovative, always at the cutting edge of new products, material and printing equipment. If you are looking for a large format print partner who can add value to your supply chain please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Print Design Services

Whether you are a small business, a well-known brand, or an individual needing a helping hand – our in-house print design team can assist you to make sure your ideas are printed correctly.

See some examples of our work and find out for yourself.


30 years experience

30 years is a long time, since the 80’s we have been improving all aspects of our service from the way we account manage to streamlining our internal production processes and implementing one of the most stringent QA procedures in the industry


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Get the very best out of your new large format banner, floor or wall graphic or brand new signage by using our professional installation service. All work is undertaken by our highly-trained, fully-insured installers and is tailored to suit your specific installation requirements.


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Get in touch with one of our print experts, we have 30 years worth of print experience and knowledge. We’ll be able to assist you with selecting the best products or setup for your project.