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Printed Shelf Strips

Printed shelf strips, any size and quantity on paper or PVC

Shelf strips are a popular point of sale staple that finds its ways into most POS packs! This simple item can still cause many a print buying headache, whether it be what material to use, size or how to have them supplied, we can help.

Printed shelf strips can be produced in a number of ways and we think we have pretty much all of them covered! In fact we produce such a wide variety of shelf strips for a multitude of client we can safely say there is not such things a “standard shelf strip”!

Our short shelf strips are produced using our high quality UV flat beds in either sheet or reel mode dependant on size. When runs increase in significant volume it becomes more cost effective to screen print or litho print instead dependant on size and design

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  • Available in thin flexible PVC for cold and wet environments like freezers.

  • Cost effective standard paper options available in pre-cut strips.

  • Display card options for creased and raised or free standing shelf strips.

  • Can be cut to shape for bespoke shelves.

  • Can be laminated or varnished for a high gloss or matt finish.

  • Order quantity from 1 unit to 1,000,000.

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