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Printed Free Standing Display Unit

FSDU Printed free standing display units, POS for counters & floors

FSDU or free standing display units come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We can work with your existing design and cutter file to bring your FSDU to life or we can work with your ideas to help create a working display. Whether it be a counter top display, dump bin, magazine holder or floor standing unit we will have materials and solutions to create the best working FSDU possible.

Our large format digital flat beds allow us to work direct with full 2440x1220mm sheets of materials and cut them accurately on our laser driven CAD cutter. Whether it be a single FSDU prototype or a full run we can offer guidance on the most cost effective production method and even tweak your designs to make a more efficient final display unit.

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  • Full mock up FSDU solutions great for 1 offs.

  • In-house CAD cutting for short runs.

  • Die cutting for main runs.

  • Digital and screen printing synergy for full colour images and special colours.

  • Design and repro assistance.

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