With a wide range of finishes, sizes and materials, We can help you print bollard covers that attract visitors and drive sales.

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Printed Bollard Covers

We print bollard covers to fit your bollards.

Printed correx bollard covers are a cost effective way of turning boring bollards into a great marketing tool. Correx bollard covers are an excellent way to add more external marketing ideas to existing point of sale campaigns. We print and design all our our bollard covers to suit your bollards and also your marketing message.

We can produce x3 different types of printed bollard covers which are triangles, that offer 3 faces compared to square bollard covers with 4 faces and hexagon, a 5 faced bollard cover. – All of our printed bollard covers are printed on our UV flat bed digital press and then CAD cut to shape on our flat bed CAD cutting table. We can integrate a self locking system with tabs or use tape strips whichever you prefer.

Bollard covers are easy to fit and make up on arrival as we include all tapes and design them in such a way that it takes seconds to have them made up and ready.

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Triangular Bollard Covers (these are printed onto 3 sides):

To fit bollard diameter up to 136mm
Each side is 236mm wide x 1000mm high

To fit bollard diameter up to 222mm
Each side is 386mm wide x 1000mm high

To fit bollard diameter up to 276mm
Each side is 480mm wide x 1000mm high

Square Bollard Covers (these are printed onto 4 sides):

To fit bollard diameter up to 177mm
Each side is 177mm wide x 1000mm high

To fit bollard diameter up to 290mm
Each side is 290mm wide x 1000mm high

To fit bollard diameter up to 360mm
Each side is 360mm wide x 1000mm high

  • High-quality, custom printed correx bollard covers

  • Fast, easy assembly & removal – no tools required!

  • From single unit prototypes to large runs.

  • Turn your boring bollard into an eye catching in marketing aid.

  • Printed bollard covers increase product sales in a retail environment.

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