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Printed hoarding graphics is an excellent form of outdoor advertising, not only does it prevent unauthorised access to members of the public and if placed in high traffic areas or where the passing public can view, it can provide plenty of exposure to the development. – We have been printing, producing, and installing wide format hoarding panels for over 20 years. During this time we have worked with some of the UK’s largest companies and become a trusted partner.

Our hoarding projects speaks for itself. As do the most prestigious names in the property, retail, event and construction industries who regularly work with us for our printing and installation services.

Our impressive portfolio of hoarding panels printed and installed by Wallace Print includes; hoardings projects at Golden Gates, Wansey Street, Kew Gardens, MK Gallery and completed an installation of Half Mile Of Hoarding.

Discover Our 4 Step Process

Our 4 step process for a successful printed hoarding graphic project

Here at Wallace Print we have created a simple 4 step end-to-end service where we assist you through every step of the journey from the site-survey to installation. All printing projects can seem overwhelming, we understand that. With printed hoarding board projects, its no different, its a large project with many different components to think about, At Wallace Print we have simplified our process so we can help you, at every step of the way.

printed hoarding - survey

To begin with we will make sure that we manufacture all hoardings panels to suit the location and environment. Every job starts with a free internal and comprehensive site survey, where you plan to mount the hoarding graphics carried out by one of our experts, we may even need to inspect the area of installation to ensure we overcome obstacles and that all hoarding panels are designed to the correct specification.

This allows us to take all the necessary measurements and plan access to ensure a smooth installation and provide a better and more accurate quotation.

Once the site survey has been completed the dimensions and artwork are then shared with our studio team who will then begin working on laying-down, printing and producing the printed hoarding graphics.

Upon request we can produce a visualisation of the design and measured printed hoarding graphics within a design mock-up to share with stakeholders to gain approval before the printing production commences.

Once the designs are fully signed off, the artwork will be put into production using our in-house printers. Our 1,160sqm print workshop allows us to house state of the art machinery such as our large digital format printers and print finishing capabilities, All of our hoarding panels are digital printed on the best settings using premium materials and highest quality industry standard eco-solvent ink.

If you want to read more about the printing process or our methods, please see our printing specifications. – As you can guess we take great pride in our in-house printing & manufacturing capabilities to provide faster lead times and cost effective prices for customers.

printed hoarding installation

Finally, once the hoardings panels have been printed with your graphics, we will then schedule our in-house installation team to carry out the work to install quickly and skillfully the hoarding panels.

Our print installation team are equipped with all the latest tools and carry certifications & accreditation’s such as CSCS, IPAF, PASMA and we hold a 10m Allianz public liability insurance.

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Investing in hoarding panels & graphics!

You have invested time and money erecting site hoarding, now is your chance to convert that cost into an opportunity. Printed hoarding graphics offer a chance to increase brand awareness, improve sales or take your marketing message to the masses. At Wallace Print we can help you transform your site hoarding into a incredible and memorable visual display.

At Wallace Print, we offer a diverse range of options for our printed site hoarding panels to cover almost any requirement starting with our no fuss site survey service where we will attend your site, carry out a survey and supply you with artwork templates to give you peace of mind that everything will fit perfectly.

Contact Wallace Print to discuss your printed site hoarding boards.

Over 30 years of printing, producing and installing expertise.

As a trusted partner to the some of the largest companies within the construction & retail industry, highly-reputable architects, new housing developments, builders, installers and contractors and have for over 30 years.

For the last 30 years we have perfecting our printing production methods, so this sets us up perfectly for printing bespoke site hoarding boards. Not only have we been making improving our printing production methods we have been actively working hard to decrease our lead times, reduce project costs and hire a full insured and certified print graphic installation team.

It is no wonder we are now a valued supplier to many of the big names working across London and the south east, just ask us about the project for the London Eye or for Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Contact Wallace Print to discuss your printed site hoarding boards.

Need help to understand your printed site hoarding boards?

Having trouble understanding the materials or how the hoarding graphics are printed? We can help! We have put together a selection of information to help you understand the material, the production process and how create a quotation following your enquiry.

How we cost printed hoarding panels

The pricing for printed hoarding panels vary from project to project. As there are always bespoke elements or sizes to consider, before we proceed with providing you with a quoting for this type of work we would need details of your site perimeter plan and requirements to give you a quotation. We may also need to carry out a site survey to measure and review the perimeter.

Please speak with us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your hoarding panels or building site requirements for a printed hoarding project. We can usually provide you with a quote within 24 hours of your call or email and our friendly sales team full of experts are standing by ready to assist!

As a minimum we require a few details to proceed, we have created a checklist of information to give you an accurate printed hoarding quote.

  1. Approximate length of your Construction site hoarding perimeter?
  2. Approximate duration of your project build?
  3. Key personnel on site (ie: Main contractor etc?)
  4. Any unusual items such as road closures or limited access?
  5. Are you working with a creative agency or would you like help designing your scheme presentation?

Print specifications for printed hoarding graphics

All of our printed site hoarding are printed on our Acuity Advance HS UV flat bed. These flat beds are known for their market leading print quality guaranteeing life like full colour prints that look more in keeping with an art gallery than a construction site!

We can print directly to a maximum panel size of 1220x2440mm (8x4ft) and we can print and mount to panels up to 3050x1550mm (10x5ft) in theory we can go larger as long as the width doesnt exceed 1550mm.

As an added feature we can also cut out elements of your design for example a logo or text and this can be applied to the graphic panels after install using Snapfix locators or VHB tape. This can create extra depth for a great additional visual impact, for an example please take a look at our cut lettering page.

We also offer a range of protective anti-graffiti laminates including matt, gloss and anti-scuff. This allows the graphic panels to be cleaned down should they be subject to vandalism or dirty outdoor elements.

As well as the hoarding panels we can also supply headers and kickers which run along the top and bottom of the structure keeping all those screw fixings covered and as well as allowing a bit of play in the panels when you are faced with elevations and uneven runs.

We only use the very best quality materials for our printed hoarding panels and print at the highest industry standard eco-solvent inks. The materials and inks are weatherproof and scratch resistant which means you can use them in high traffic areas or outdoors safe in the knowledge that they’ll keep looking great.

Once you have a print-ready file and its over 2mb? Please share via our WeTransfer link.

Our printed hoarding panels can be produced by a few materials to suit your project needs.

Most of our printed site hoarding projects are produced using a Dibond or Dibond ACM (aluminium composite panel) which provides a sturdy and secure hoarding panel, that can handle the elements and provide the longest lasting solution. We also offer multiple finishing options for the panel which includes anti-graffiti lamination.

Foamex is the more cost effective solution for printed hoarding graphics in comparison to Dibond ACM. The Foamex board is still suitable for external use as we print and produce with the robust PVC sheet. However, we would recommend Foamex board to be used for internal hoarding graphics.

Correx boards also known as fluted polypropylene board. The Correx hoarding board provides a cost effective solution that is ideal for those on a budget.

Dibond Hoarding Panels

Foamex Hoarding Panels

Correx Hoarding Panels

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Print Design Services

Our in-house print reproduction team can assist with any print related artwork errors, mistakes and problems before hitting the printers! – Our team is on hand to make sure your artwork is printed properly.


30 years experience

30 years is a long time, since the 80’s we have been improving all aspects of our service from the way we account manage to streamlining our internal production processes and implementing one of the most stringent QA procedures in the industry


Nationwide Print Installers

At Wallace Print we have been professional installers of our print for our 30 years, from simple window displays to large hoarding panel installation. – Our install team are highly trained, insured and experts in the installation task.


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Speak with one of our print managers today, we have 30 years worth of print experience and knowledge. We’ll be able to assist you with selecting the best products or setup for your project.