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Printed Fabtrack Fabric Display

Fabtrack Fabric Display, wall graphics with huge possibilities.

Fabtrack is a plastic extrusion that is designed to tension fabric with zero finishing requirements. No stitching, No silicon, No keder. – Fabtrack can tension fabrics from 200g/m up to 300g/m, from printed fabrics, to textured fabrics.

Size doesn’t matter!

Fabtrack can tension small areas, or large areas, It’s only limited by the size of the project. – Fabtrack can tension large walls, long corridors with multiple doorways, even curved frames. If you have an internal graphic requirement, Fabtrack is your solution.

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Fabtrack Additional Information

Here at Wallace Print we can print and produce the fabric display system be made to almost any size, with any finish and take multiple textiles. What does this mean for you? Well, it has the flexibility to cover almost any of your projects from small non-illuminated frames to large illuminated signs all whilst saving you time and money.

Custom printed fabric display wall graphics

Fabtrack has the ability to tension two fabrics into the same track, which allow you to tension into the corner of a room leaving a borderless finish.

If this product does not meet your requirements then, please contact us to discuss your project.

  • Available in any sizes

  • Reduction of single use plastic

  • Almost any finish and textiles to suit all needs

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