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Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric, a material range becoming increasingly more popular across the print industry for many print applications.

The rise in popularity of printed polyester fabric has seen a large range of polyester materials enter the print media market. We currently stock a standard flag polyester, 210gsm knitted display polyester for thicker backdrops and exhibition stands, backlit fabrics for lightboxes, Silicone edge fabric for TFS systems and branded polyesters such as Samba.

Printed polyester can be digitally printed and one big advantage is that it can then be easily folded and transported staying lightweight. Polyester fabric graphics can be up to 3.2m wide by any length allowing you to cover larger spaces quickly and easily.

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Available in a range of weights and finishes polyester fabric is being used more and more across the print industry. 117gsm knitted polyester is great for flags, 117gsm aeromesh is popular for Heras fence graphics and 210gsm display polyester is great for conference sets, stages and exhibitions.


117gsm Knitted Polyester – Standard flag material.
117gsm Aero Mesh – Series of holes to allow wind to pass through.
210gsm Display Polyester – Thicker with less show through.
Roll width up to a massive 3200mm by any length!


Single SidedPolyester fabric can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Not available

Square Cutting – Polyester fabric can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table  

Simple Shapes including radius corners, circles, triangles and basic shapes are possible with a high level of accuracy and quality of finish when cut on our laser guided cutting tables.  

Hemmed Edges – Edges of the Magnetic PVC are folded over and sealed giving the edge a hem for added strength and a clean looking finish

Eyelets – Brass or silver eyelets are punched through the material, perfect for hanging and often used with cable ties or bungees which we can supply.

Pole Pockets – The material can be folded over and stitched or welded to create a pocket, ideal for hanging or weighting. Pole pockets are always defined in our quotes as a flat dimension and are inclusive of the overall height of the banner not in addition.

Flags– Transform polyester fabric into a feather flag

Printed polyester fabric, lightweight and easy to transport graphic solution

Polyester fabric is becoming a popular material for a number of applications, with a range of varieties available to suit your brief polyester is a versatile and cost effective fabric which can be stitched and sewn to create even larger graphics.

Popular applications for polyester fabric include feather flags, fabric exhibition stand graphics, TFS frames, backdrops, flags, pop out banners and displays.

Available on a roll up to a whopping 3.2m polyester fabric can be digitally printed or by dye sublimation and is easy to fold for transportation.

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