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Lino Floor

Printable lino flooring is fast becoming a popular flooring solution for creating large bespoke floor graphics within the event industry.

Easy to handle and to roll out and install, printed lino flooring is a great material for transforming a large floor area quickly and without the use of adhesives. Perfect for events, exhibitions and temporary space transformations lino floor comes up to 5000mm wide.

Linoleum flooring is printed to the top surface which means the graphic is walked on and will as a result sustain damage making it more suitable for short term event flooring. It can be cleaned and re-used but it is not advertised as a permanent floor graphic solution.

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Printed lino floor is a top surface printed flooring material which is essentially a plain linoleum, lino floor roll with a white printable top surface. As the printed linoleum flooring is printed on the top surface it means the printed graphic is directly walked on and this means it is not suitable for a permanent flooring but it is great for short term and events.


Roll width up to 5000mm wide x any length


Single SidedPrinted lino flooring can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Not available

Square Cutting – Printed lino flooring can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table  

Simple Shapes Including radius corners, circles, triangles and basic shapes are possible with a high level of accuracy and quality of finish when cut on our laser guided cutting tables.  

National Install – We can offer national install for printed linoleum

Printed lino floor a great cost effective flooring solution ideal for exhibition floors

Printed linoleum flooring or photo floor is the perfect solution for quick and easy roll our event flooring. It is ideal for exhibitions and events and allows you to maximise on your floor space with creative printed graphics. Printed directly to the face of the lino floor material on our UV digital flat beds, your lino floor is ready to roll out and roll back up for any event.

We now give a cost effective way of creating a bespoke short term flooring that you can literally roll our yourself. Why neglect your floor at an exhibition when you can now print whatever high quality graphic you desire?

If you are at an exhibition or event and are currently leaving your floor blank why not give our team a call to discuss options of using our new lino photo floor.

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