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Honeycomb Board / Ultraboard Dufaylite

Honeycomb board is a 100% recycled display board with exceptional rigidty, our brand of choice is Ultraboard Dufaylite Graphic

A fantastic alternative to foam PVC or corrugated card, printed Ultraboard Dufaylite Graphic honeycomb board offers a fantastic print face on both sides of lightweight and stable hexagon style core.

Useful Applications:

Printed honeycomb board is a popular choice for internal point of sale and display solutions especially for creating freestanding structures and large printed retail displays. Printed honeycomb board furniture & props make for excellent bespoke displays.

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Print & Finishing

Honeycomb Board Printing

At Wallace Print we stock Ultraboard Dufaylite, Reboard & Falcon Board


Honeycomb board printing is becoming ever increasingly more popular and demand for honeycomb board is most certainly on the rise. We have been printing honeycomb board for an number of years and are stockists of some of the leading brands including Ultraboard Dufaylite, Reboard, Gator Board and Falcon Board.

100% recycled and 100% recyclable, honeycomb is a very lightweight, ultra rigid card based internal board available in a range of thicknesses. An alternative to foam centred board and offering a more robust structure.

Growing in popularity especially with POS, retail and exhibition, honeycomb is FSC sourced and eco-friendly. Ultraboard does have an exposed brown honeycomb edge but an edging strip is available if preferred.

We stock a wide range of different honeycomb board brands including Ultraboard Dufaylite, Reboard, Gator Board and Falcon Board. Popular thicknesses of honeycomb board are 10mm and 19mm. It is also available in thicker grades as well.

Our honeycomb board printing is all carried our on our UV digital flat beds. We can printed honeycomb board up to 1220x2440mm direct to media and we can also print and mount to larger honeycomb board sheets 1550x3050mm.


Honeycomb board comes in a wide range of sizes and thickness options. Our current board of choice is Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite however we also work with Xanita board, Re-board, Falcon board and gator board.


6mm Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite

1220mm x 2440mm

10mm Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite

1220mm x 2440mm

1520mm x 3000mm

16mm Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite

1220mm x 2440mm

1520mm x 3000mm

18mm Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite

1220mm x 2440mm

1520mm x 3000mm


Ultraboard Graphic by Dufaylite honeycomb board Data Sheet – Download

Single SidedHoneycomb board can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Double Sided Honeycomb board can be printed on both sides with the same or varying artwork images. Our large format printers allow for perfect registration given accurate double sided prints.

Matt Lamination Protect your printed graphics with a matt over laminate and give your print a completely flat appearance which will not reflect light. Available on prints up to 1600mm wide 

Gloss Lamination Protect your printed graphics with a gloss over laminate and give your print shiny high gloss appearance which brings out colours and reflection. Available on prints up to 1600mm wide 

Dry-wipe Lamination Transform the surface of your honeycomb board into a dry-wipe board capable of being written on with dry wipe pens. Available in both gloss and matt dry wipe on prints up to 1600mm wide. 

Anti-Graffiti Lamination Once applied to the surface of honeycomb board our anti-graffiti laminate will give a high gloss finish whilst offering protection to the print and the ability to clean away pen, paint and spray damage.

Crystal Protection Lamination will offer a physical coating protecting the print surface from damage and giving it a slightly textured matt finish. This makes it more robust to any surface marking.

Square Cutting honeycomb board can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table  

Simple Shapes including radius corners, circles, triangles and basic shapes are possible with a high level of accuracy and quality of finish when cut on our laser guided cutting tables.  

Complex Shapes including standees and freestaning displays are possible when cut on our market leading Kongsberg X44 cutting table which is capable of drag knife and router cutting. 

V Cutting – using a special knife we can cut honeycomb board with a V cut to the reverse allowing it to be folded up to 45 degrees. This is great for creating freestanding displays and seamless angles. 

Double sided adhesive – By applying an adhesive to one side of the material you can transform XMATERIAL into a sticker. Our adhesive range includes removable, permanent and repositionable. 

Vinyl application  you can add special colours to a design such as metallics or pantones not achievable through CMYK printing by applying plotter cut vinyls of a chosen colour or finish to the material face. 

Spot UVVarnish  you can introduce areas of matt or gloss finish to your design with our digitally printed UV varnish inkjet heads. Pick out logos, text or images and bring additional focus to your print. 

Strut  Make your print freestanding with the application of a strut to the reverse. This can be a single small rudder strut or a large box strut for bigger displays. We now also offer a more permanent metal strut option. 

Velcro  looking to attach your print to a wall? We can apply velcro hook and loop to the reverse allowing it to be attached to a wall or surface and easily removed and replaced. Popular for exhibition stand graphics. 

Magnetic Tape  with magnetic tape applied to the perimeter of your print you can affix it to metal walls or any other metal surface. Often used in the exhibition industry or in point of sale retail environments 

Packing in sets – we offer a full collation and packing service, especially useful when you have multiple items or designs that need to be sent to different locations. A very popular extra finishing service we offer with point of sale campaigns.

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