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Floor Graphic Vinyl

Printed floor graphic vinyl for internal use with anti-slip protection laminate.

All our floor graphic vinyl comes with anti-slip lamination and relevant industry required certification. We can offer clear or white vinyl for internal or external application with short, medium or long term anti-slip laminates.

Printed floor graphic vinyl is ideal for internal use on flat smooth surfaces. All our printed floor graphic vinyl is laminated and anti-slip rated and can range from 3 to 12 months. If you are looking for permanent or external floor graphics we offer a different material range.

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Print & Finishing


Our current range of internal floor graphics include Mactac JT base vinyl twinned with LUV6301 Mactac anti slip laminate. We also carry General Formulation anti-slip laminate and Drytac.


Base vinyl available in white or clear
Adhesive – Permanent or Removable
Internal or external options available
Roll width up to 1600mm wide x any length


Single Sided Anti-Slip Floor vinyl can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Spot White (Clear Material) – With clear materials a white ink is often required to add the ability to include white areas of a design or to underpin CMYK printing to give it a denser appearance.

White Flood Anti-Slip Floor vinyl can be printed with a full coverage white ink layer to back up a colour printed design giving you the appearance of a white background. This is popular when printing in reverse.

Anti-Slip Lamination perfect for any material which will be used for floor application our anti-slip laminates cover both internal and external applications and can range from 3 -12 months life span.

Square Cutting Anti-Slip Floor vinyl can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table

Simple Shapes including radius corners, circles, triangles and basic shapes are possible with a high level of accuracy and quality of finish when cut on our laser guided cutting tables.

Complex Shapes Complex shapes are possible when cut on our market leading Kongsberg X44 cutting table which is capable of drag knife and router cutting.

CAD cutting – Our camera driven Aristo and Esko Kongsberg cutting tables are capable of cutting your design to any shape including adding creases, scores or even v-cuts.

Packing in sets – we offer a full collation and packing service, especially useful when you have multiple items or designs that need to be sent to different locations. A very popular extra finishing service we offer with point of sale campaigns.

Printed floor graphics for internal use with anti-slip rating

All our floor graphic decals comes with anti-slip laminate and slip rating certification. We print on clear and white vinyl for internal and external application.

All of our printed floor graphic vinyl can be CAD cut to any shape. We can also install, we have an expert team of printed floor graphic vinyl fitters who can apply single graphics or cover entire floors.

Our range of floor graphic substrates we print means we can cater for any campaign. Graphics can be quickly combined to cover large areas creating visually stunning floors. We can even produce floor graphics for concrete and external paving.

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