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Bild Flooring (G-Floor)

Bild Floor, previously known as G Floor, is a permanent subsurface printed flooring available in a range of surface textures.

A true permanent flooring solution, Bild Floor, previously known as G Floor, is a sub surface printed clear flooring material which feels similar to a very thick lino floor. With Bild Floor being printed on the underside of the material it is protected by the thickness of the material and the top surface comes in a range of textured finishes including wood, ceramic and coin.

Bild Floor claims to have the thickest wear layer of any flooring in the world making it perfect for creating a long lasting custom printed flooring. Bild G Floor can also be used for counter top mats, place mats and protective overlays.

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Bild printable vinyl floor covering, which until recently was known as G-Floor, provides a simple solution to a major challenge in graphic flooring. Most graphic floors are created by placing a thin sheet of protective vinyl over an imaged design and then installing this as a floor. However, the thin layer of vinyl is often not enough to protect the design, causing it to easily become scratched or damaged. As a result, it either needs to be replaced or left looking unsightly.

Normal graphic floors are made with layers of filler that are cheap to produce and can make the floor look great—temporarily. But again, this filler is easily damaged and, once malformed, cannot be easily repaired.

This is why Bild’s printable vinyl floor covering is such a unique product!

Rather than using filler layers of cardboard stock, foam and fibreboard, Bild makes use of a single, solid layer of impervious PVC. This polyvinyl is extruded from raw vinyl materials into a thick, solid sheet of clear protective flooring. The image is then printed to a protected layer that is encased in the polyvinyl blend. As a result, rather than layers of fillers, you get a single piece of material that features the graphic encased in protective coating.

Since the image is embedded in the wear layer, it is impossible to damage, tear, rip, distort, stain, or break. The material is impervious to normal wear and tear and will last the test of time.


Material thickness approx. 2-3mm wear layer
Different textures – Wood, Ceramic, Coin, Diamond
High slip resistant rating
Takes high foot traffic long term
Roll width up to 1524mm wide x any length

MATERIAL DATA SHEETAcrylic Sheet Data Sheet – Download
Acrylic Sheet Data Sheet – Download

Single SidedBild G Floor can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Spot White (Clear Material) – With clear materials a white ink is often required to add the ability to include white areas of a design or to underpin CMYK printing to give it a denser appearance.

White Flood Bild G Floor can be printed with a full coverage white ink layer to back up a colour printed design giving you the appearance of a white background. This is popular when printing in reverse.

Not Available 

Square Cutting Bild G Floor can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table

Simple Shapes including radius corners, circles, triangles and basic shapes are possible with a high level of accuracy and quality of finish when cut on our laser guided cutting tables.

Complex Shapes Complex shapes are possible when cut on our market leading Kongsberg X44 cutting table which is capable of drag knife and router cutting.

CAD cutting – Our camera driven Aristo and Esko Kongsberg cutting tables are capable of cutting your design to any shape including adding creases, scores or even v-cuts.

National Install – We offer a national install service for Bild G Floor

G-Floor a unique permanent printed flooring solution

G Floor is a new and revolutionary long term permanent flooring solution. You can now create an entire graphic floor that will last for years. Fully slip rated and once installed its 2mm wear layer will last for years, ensuring it can handle the highest foot fall.

G-Floor is ideal for install in gyms as it can take the wear and tear of heavy equipment and can be cleaned. If you are looking for gym flooring then printed G-Floor is an ideal bespoke solution.

You can now add your logo or branding to a permanent flooring with G-Floor having a 2mm wear layer it will last longer than traditional laminates.

Available on a print and supply basis or we can also site survey, measure and install if required. G Floor is set to revolutionise the custom flooring market.

The Thickest Wear-Layer in the World

While all graphic floor options include a wear layer, none of them can quite match up to Bild’s thickness. With the thickest wear-layer in the world of graphic flooring, Bild is the gold-standard of protection for your imaged floors.

Since the Bild material is extruded as a single, solid and clear material, it can be laid as a solid sheet over the graphic. This means that a single flooring sheet can be laid in your area with very few seams and ultimate protection. At Bild, our floors are manufactured to be the best possible flooring that you can lay in your enclosure.

Additionally, Bild can be made in an absolute white under layer, which allows your image or logo to look more prominent on the sheet. Though the clear material is better for the customisable appeal, the absolute white material is just as strong and features the same ultimate protective benefits. The only difference between the two is your personal preference. Whatever custom image you want on your floor, Bild can provide it! With a bespoke printing process, the only limit to what you can have on your floor is your imagination. As an all-new way to advertise, decorate, and otherwise improve, Bild is the best option for absolutely any flooring situation.

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