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Aero Mesh Polyester

Aeromesh polyester, a fantastic perforated external fabric perfect for high wind areas.

Also known as shark tooth mesh, our 117gsm aeromesh polyester is a fabric alternative to our PVC mesh banner material. Aeromesh has the added benefit of being able to be folded as it is a polyester fabric making it easy to transport.

Aeromesh is incredibly lightweight and with it being fabric it has high strength and can be stretched and secured easily onto fences and barriers with cable ties through the eyelets. Aeromesh has a series of of shark tooth holes across the media which allows wind to pass through.

Useful Applications:

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Print & Finishing


Aeromesh is a polyester roll material with a series of holes to allow for wind to pass through. It offers approximatley 60% show through on the reverse when printed on one side.  117gsm Aero Mesh – Series of holes to allow wind to pass through.


Max Roll Width – 3200mm x 50m


Single SidedAeromesh can be digitally printed direct to the face of the material on our large format printers using UV cured inks which offer market leading print quality, robustness and longevity.

Not available

Square Cutting Aeromesh can be supplied cut to any required square or rectangular panel size within the maximum sheet size. For guaranteed accuracy all of our material is cut on a laser guided cutting table

Edges Hemmed – Edges of the aeromesh are folded over and sealed giving the edge a hem for added strength and a clean looking finish 

Eyelets – Brass or silver eyelets are punched through the material, perfect for hanging and often used with cable ties or bungees which we can supply.

Pole Pockets – The material can be folded over and stitched or welded to create a pocket, ideal for hanging or weighting. Pole pockets are always defined in our quotes as a flat dimension and are inclusive of the overall height of the banner not in addition.

Printed aero mesh fabric, lightweight and perfect for high wind conditions.

Aero mesh polyester is a fabric equivalent of the PVC banner mesh. It is incredibly lightweight and as robust as standard flag polyester making it ideal for external high wind conditions. With a series of holes the material allows wind to pass through making it a great choice for a number of outdoor applications.

Popular applications for aero mesh polyester fabric include feather flags, heras fence graphics, barrier jackets, scaffold graphics and standard flags.

Available on a roll up to 2.0m wide, aero mesh polyester fabric can be digitally printed or by dye sublimation and is easy to fold for transportation.

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