Project Description

Viziprint Clear Printed Graphics Kent

When Drakes plumbing supplies, based in Kent, wanted a window graphic for an internal partioning wall window they had some pretty specific requirements. Drakes wanted a window graphic what would display all the brands they work with in full colour and also wanted a material which would allow the rest of the window to remain optically clear. The final requirement was that the window graphic must be easy to fit.

We proposed the ideal solution, Drytac Viziprint clear, described by the guys over at Drytac as follows; ViziPrint® Impress Clear UVL is a printable, ultra clear PET film with proprietary adhesion technology that is super easy to install. There is no adhesive so there is never any residue. Compatible with UV and latex printers.

The Viziprint ticked all the boxes, easy to fit, bubble free, optically clear and it was perfect for printing directly on our UV flat bed digital press and backed up with our digital white ink.

The window graphic carried the brand logos with the vibrancy Drakes wanted applied with no hassle. Below is the feedback from Drakes on the project –

“It’s next to the entrance corridor so really makes the walkway come to life and hits the customer with key brands. The best thing is that there’s still so much of the window available for looking through, so the customers and staff can still see each other. We found the vinyl easy to apply. Thanks again for that”

If you are looking for a printed window graphic and maybe have the same requirements as Drakes did, then why got give us a call to discuss using Drytac Viziprint?