Project Description

Vinyl Cut Wall Graphics London

Our London based client wanted to transform a previously blank space into an “inspiration room”. Their design incorporated clear spaces and small intricate text and printed elements. This meant the best solution was a vinyl cut wall graphic but because the design was not just solid colours they needed a printer who could not just plotter cut vinyl wall graphics but print and then accurately plotter cut the wall graphics after.

At Wallace Print we have the capabilities to print wall vinyl, our material of choice is Mactac WW300, and then put the printed roll of wall graphics on to our plotter cutter which has a “magic eye”. The magic eye gives us the ability to print full colour designs and then plotter cut these printed designs transforming then into vinyl cut wall graphics as seen in this case study.

Once we had printed the the wall graphics and vinyl cut them on our plotter cutter we applied application tape to the cut graphics and sent them with our wall graphic installation team to the London address for install. Our wall graphic installers have years of experience working in London and with some of the UK’s biggest and most prestigious brands.

If you are looking for printed vinyl cut wall graphics in London or anywhere else in the UK, why not give our team a call?

More Information on our Printed Wall Graphics

Click the link above to find out more information on our printed wall graphics install service covering London and the UK. As well as vinyl cut lettering we also offer printed wall wraps, printed wall paper and single piece polycril canvas / rafa canvas wall wraps.