Project Description

Theatre Stage Back Drop Banner

Recently we had the privilege of producing some large stage banner back drops for a production of Pinocchio’s Puppet theatre at the old rep theatre in Birmingham. This was a particularly interesting job due to the pure size of it!

This backdrop is 8000mm x 6175mm and was printed on our 440gsm banner PVC. Banner PVC is a roll-based product that we often use for projects such as banners & other large format graphics. This is a Cost effective, waterproof, durable banner that can be used both internally & externally!

The feedback from the client is that it really pulled the performance together to deliver an outstanding performance. Due to the high-quality print & perfect colour match it really allowed for the audience to be submerged into the performance, investing in the show.

Another notable comment was our speedy turn around time, allowing the production to run smoothly. This was turned around in the space of just 5 days from enquiry to install.

If you are looking for printed banners for your stage productions, or even props why not contact our expert team!