Project Description

Surrey Printed Hoarding Graphics

This hoarding, installed at Savill Gardens is a fantastic example of how you can turn a blank hoarding into a piece of art that fits in perfectly with its surroundings.

The artwork combines imagery of the iconic Savill building with photos of daisies and poppies creating a design in perfect keeping with Britains finest ornamental flower garden.

The hoarding worked so well it looks like it is supposed to be there as a permanent fixture! No one would guess it is hiding a mundane wooden hoarding that surrounds construction works.

All of our hoardings are completely bespoke to the site ensuring the perfect end result. This hoarding has its own door to the side to gain access along with gates in the centre for vehicle access.

With our in-house printing and cutting capabilities there is no hoarding project that we cannot cater for and we are consistently pushing the boundaries when it comes to the most unusual of printed hoarding projects.

Have a hoarding project that is out of the norm? Not a problem, Wallaceprint have got you covered!