Project Description

Retail Magnetic Display

Our client a national retailer of stationary wanted to transform their rotating window display in one of their flagship stores but the task of applying and removing vinyl every time they had a promotion was proving problematic for their staff.

Following a site visit we proposed that we transformed the rotating system into a magnetic display capable to receiving printed ferrous graphics which could be easily changed and removed by the in-store teams.

The process of transforming the rotating system started with taking accurate measurements and cutting self adhesive back magnetic sheet to fit directly the surface of the display.

Our studio team then produced a PDF artwork template which the client could drop their designs on to and it would show them all of the splits and joins.

These designs would then be printed on a polyester ferrous backed film which attracts to the magnetic surface now applied to the surface of the the display.

The end result is a magnetic display which the client could cost effectively and easily change when ever they had a new promotion!

If you would like to discuss the benefits of transforming an existing display or an area of wall into a magnetic wall, why not give us a call?

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