Project Description

ActionAid Printed Placards Banner

We have worked with international charity Action Aid for many years assisting them with their requirements for events, demonstrations and marches. With one eye always on cost we provide cost effective solutions to make sure every penny is well invested for maximum impact.

Printed demonstration placards – For Action Aid we have developed an environmentally friendly solution, which involves sustainable wooden baton handle and a display board printed placard which is fully recyclable after the demonstration. For printed placards that are to be reused we also print correx placards which are water resistant and lightweight.

Printed demonstation carry banners – We print and finish all different sizes of banners to be carried and displayed on marches and demonstrations. We offer a wide range of materials depending on size and the application of the banner.

If you are planning an event, march or demonstration and need printed placards or banners why not give our team a call?