Project Description

When posed the challenge by one of our national retail clients to present a material which could replace foam centred board with a recyclable alternative we jumped at the chance to get Dispa board moving across the country!

Printed Dispa board has long been a favourite of ours but getting the message out their is often half the battle to creating positive change. As well as being great for the environment Dispa boards qualities are abundant, it is cost effective, 100% recyclable, light weight, rigid and stable printed Dispa board is a POS campaigns dream!

Dispa board offers a premium double sided surface so prints look great on either side and sheets are available all the way up to 10x5ft as well.

Since we introduced Dispa into this retailer the feedback has been outstanding with them appreciating all of its benefits and actually trying to get their international stores to adopt it as the material of choice as well.

If you are looking at making your instore point of sale more eco-friendly or if you just want to take advantage of the other great qualities of Dispa board why not give our team a call!

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