Project Description

Point of Sale Printing Campaign

Our client Dartington Crystal, based in North Devon and a leading producing of high quality cystal glassware, wanted to find a partner who could completely re-evaluate their permanent and promotional in-store point of sale.

As a leader in point of sale printing and campaign delivery we won the work off the back of our innovative ideas and budget saving point of sale print solutions. The point of sale requirements for Dartington happened to be quite diverse with the first part of the campaign to look at the permanent point of sale at the flag ship outlet at the HQ in Devon. We helped re-brand areas of the store with cost effective wall signage printed on Dibond, introduced new window and floor graphics and wrapped the counter area to make it more visible.

The second and on-going part of the Dartingtons point of sale requirements is the short term campaign POS which supports the product ranges in both their own retail outlets and also in third party retailers who sell the Dartington brand. We evaluated their current spend and put together a more cost effective and higher impact point of sale campaign pack which could be easily distributed across the retailers. Items in this pack included shelf strips, shelf wobblers, posters, clip stand headers, floor graphics, tent cards and strut cards.

By printing, collating, packing and distributing the retail point of sale campaign packs in-house at our facility in Kent we can keep full control on print quality, colour management and packing accuracy. This ensure we delivery extremely high POS campaign delivery rates time after time.

If you are looking at starting a point of sale campaign or want to re-evaluate your current spend why not speak to one of our experts today?

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