Project Description

Outdoor Floor Graphics

Canterbury City Council wanted an innovative marketing solution to bring attention to customers of their Kent based car parks regarding their pay online parking system. We proposed they take advantage of the floor area where the customers stand and queue. It would be the perfect eye catching space to install large external floor graphics. With a range of different surfaces from polished concrete floor, tarmac, stones and pavement slab there was only one material which would suit this application, Alumigraphic Grip.

Alumigraphic Grip is the leading material world wide for printed external floor graphic application. It is a robust aluminium foil which means it contours easily into rough and bumpy surfaces as you can see from our images. The adhesive to the reverse is strong enough to keep the graphics in place whilst also removing without leaving residue. Alumigraphic Grip is also anti-slip rated making it ideal for external floor graphics.

As you can see from our images the surfaces varied across the Kent car parks situated in Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Thanet. Regardless of this the Alumigraphic Grip, once printed and installed looked just as striking in each location. Install of Alumigraphic is a simple process requiring just a clean dry surface and a roller. The external floor vinyl is removed from the backing and placed lightly on the surface. From that point the installer simply rollers the Alumigraphic into place paying particular attention to the edges.

The external floor graphics proved to be part of a very successful campaign as sign ups to the service rocketed. If you are looking for outdoor floor graphics or innovative ways to engage your customer base why not give our team a call?

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