Project Description

Berger Saturn – Office Wall Install

When The Westminster Academy showed us the intricate design for their latest wall graphic wraps it was immediately clear that using self adhesive vinyl drops would not be the ideal solution. Our installers are some of the best around but giving them the task of perfectly aligning this design across a large area would proof to be a big ask.

We proposed the option of producing the graphics on our amazingly versatile one piece polyester wall covering material polycril. Our brand of choice, Berger Saturn, which offers a block out backing and a premium tight weave fabric canvas style face.

Berger Saturn polyester wall covering is printed in a single section on our 5m wide roll feed and our installers cut it on site around all windows, doors and services. Berger Saturn is pasted directly to the wall and it has a black block out backing which obliterates any colours on the original wall surface.

One piece no join wall coverings are becoming an increasingly popular choice for transforming walls and surfaces and are also known in the industry as polycril graphics.