Project Description

Arriva Metal Strut Standees

Our longstanding client Arriva came to us with an enquiry where they really weren’t sure how it would be achieved due the nature of their design it seemed almost impossible to find a way to create a freestanding display that would be robust enough and to hide the struts.

They needed a freestanding bus with a cut-out centre, so they could use it as a photo opportunity. Fortunately enough, with our extensive experience in producing standees and selfie frames we knew exactly how to achieve the desired result using a unique metal strut that had a very small footprint whilst offering great stability.

We printed the standee on a 10mm Stadur board which is light, rigid and durable. The items was actually produced in 2 x pieces due to the huge 2x2m overall size!

We then used velcro to apply the two lightweight metal struts to the reverse. These are removable and fold down for easy transportation.

The end result is an easily transportable and great looking product that meets all the client’s needs and more!