Project Description

Meeting Room Wall Vinyl

When it comes to rooms within a business, there is none more important than the boardroom.

Our client came to us wanting to completely re-vamp the boardroom of their business, so it stood out from the crowd. The concept for the printed board room graphics was to recreate a scene from within side a stately home complete with fireplace and book cases.

We had the perfect solution, with our custom printed wall graphics we were able to transform the once plain white room into an interesting and unique environment.

The detail achieved in the prints is thanks to our industry leading flatbed UV digital printers and the perfect sizing and fit is thanks to the precision of our Konsberg x44 flatbed cutter along with the exceptional job done by our expert installation team.

Looking to re-vamp your office or boardroom and stand out from the crowd?! Why not talk to us about providing custom printed boardroom graphics.