Project Description

Matt Laminated Hoarding Graphics

Another hoarding?! Yes, we produce hoardings on a regular basis here at Wallace Print for a number of clients. In fact we are on average installing 3 hoarding projects a week.

What is not so common is a hoarding being finished with a matt lamination. So often the choice is the high gloss anti-graffiti lamination but this client specifically wanted a matt finish. The reason matt laminate is not so popular is that it lacks the ability to cleaned down and often doesn’t have the specification required to survive externally.

Rather than accept that a matt finish is not achievable we searched the European market to find a material which would allow us to offer it to our clients. We now stock a matt finish film which comes with a 5 year outdoor durability and although strictly speaking it is not an anti-graffiti film the matt laminate is dry wipeable meaning most inks and marks can be removed.

Why else is our hoarding so popular? We print direct to substrate here at Wallace Print so unlike a lot of hoardings there is no vinyl covering the panels that can peel or tear.

Our UV digital flatbed printers allow us to print direct to the panels and the inks are immediately cured and will never fade under UV exposure. We then protect them from damage with a laminate of the clients’ choice.

On this project we used a matt laminate for the panels and gloss for the headers and kickers to give the ‘premium’ looking result the client required.

Need a hoarding that not only looks the part but will also last? Wallace Print are here to help!