Project Description

Letting Agency Hoarding Graphics

This project is a prime example of how hoarding can not only be used to improve the visual appearance of a site but also as a huge advertising opportunity.

Our client, a national letting agency, had a key requirement which was being able to advertise the properties they were constructing while using the space that was already available to them with the hoarding around the site.

The cost of the hoarding was allowed for in the letting agencies marketing plan, essentially treating it as one of their key advertising strategies.

We were not only able to work with the client on the design to ensure the best possible compromise between appearance and functionality, but we also were able to produce the hoarding in appropriate sized sections to cover specific areas of the hoarding.

We are always flexible to produce hoarding in whatever sized sections suits the client’s needs and or budget and this case was no exception.

Have a hoarding that you could use as an advertising opportunity? Wallaceprint can help with the transformation!