Project Description

When our client had the opportunity to carry out the renovation works on the prestigious Golden Gates in Warrington they where left with a rather large void to fill! Rather than leave the empty site bare for onlookers it was decided to create a full size replica in its place.

This was a challenge that we simply had to be involved with, standing over 10m high and 20m wide with graphics on all four sides it was a unique opportunity to work on a hoarding graphic of such magnitude.

What was produced?

3mm Dibond panels printed UV direct to surface digital on our Swiss Q Impala would be laminated with an anti-graffiti coating before being carefully cut on our Konsberg X44 router. Careful planning was required to make sure the graphic panels would work with the four sided wooden structure erected in the place where the gates once stood.

What challenges were overcome?

Our own four-strong team installed the panels over four days, once production was complete.

The wooden frame itself consisted of mainly vertical batons rather than horizontal and had to accommodate the uneven shape of the gates. The team had to work onsite to quickly adapt to the unconventional frame and successfully complete installation while maintaining an attractive aesthetic, including putting in access doors for people to access the Town Hall without disturbing the hoardings’ design.

What was the feedback?

Hall Conservation project manager Matthew Boultwood said: “We contacted several companies looking for what we needed. Wallace Print were the most enthusiastic and it soon became clear that they had the relevant experience. 

“They understood what we needed and were comfortable with the large scale of the project. 

“Our clients are very happy with the results. The Golden Gates restoration project is a hugely important piece of heritage conservation and we needed to get everything just right. Wallace Print have helped us do exactly that.”

If you are looking for a complex hoarding structure for an iconic monument or just a simple flat hoarding structure do not hesitate to give our team a call.

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