Project Description

Battersea Exhibition Hall Transformation

Our client Weedfree hired the Battersea Evolution exhibition centre in London for a three day event. They instructed us to transform the space with their branding whilst sticking to a conservative budget.

Our branding experts analysed the space and picked out high visibility and high footfall spaces to target the companies new logo and increase brand awareness. The stairs seemed an obvious choice for printed stair riser graphics which also created a strong image when you walked into the building.

We utilised the glass balustrades running around the two levels which could be seen from both sides from any point of the venue. We applied double sided low tac window graphics which could be removed easily after the event.

At areas where people would stop to congregate it was decided to use pop up stands, this would give the client the ability to re-use after the event whilst providing a large display area to promote specific services.

If you are looking to transform an exhibition hall or if you are going to hire the Battersea Evolution exhibition centre in London why not give our team a call to discuss how we can support you.