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Barracuda Roller Banner

800mm / 1000mm / 1200mm / 1500mm / 2000mm / 2400mm

The Barracuda roller banner is the top of the range roller banner unit! Barracuda roller banners are reliable, long term units with non curling PVC graphics and market leading digital print. The Barracuda roller banner is the most well known brand of pull up in the UK. 

The Barracuda roller banner unit is a premium, top quality market leading unit. The extra money spent will reward you with years of constant use. The Barracuda roller banner has an adjustable pole meaning you can set the graphic at any height that you like. 

All our roller banner graphics are printed on our Acuity Advance digital UV printer guaranteeing market leading high quality print.

  • The only range with a 2400mm wide unit

  • 2130mm visual height with adjustable pole to alter height.

  • 5 year hardware guarantee

  • barracuda_roller_banner_800mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_roller_banner_1000mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_roller_banner_1200mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_roller_banner_1500mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_roller_banner_2000mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_roller_banner_2400mm Barracuda Roller Banner
  • barracuda_unit_reverse Barracuda Roller Banner
  • printed_roller_banners__0010_barracuda-1000mm Barracuda Roller Banner

Please ask us for our trade price Discounts for more than 1+ unit.

800mm Wide

£12500+ vat
  • Barracuda 800mm Roller Banner

1000mm Wide

£14900+ vat
  • Barracuda 1000mm Roller Banner

1200mm Wide

£16500+ vat
  • Barracuda 1200mm Roller Banner

1500mm Wide

£19900+ vat
  • Barracuda 1500mm Roller Banner

2000mm Wide

£23500+ vat
  • Barracuda 2000mm Roller Banner

2400mm Wide

£31500+ vat
  • Barracuda 2400mm Roller Banner

To order call our team, 01634 724 772

  • wallace-print-team Barracuda Roller Banner

It has been great working with you, and it’s a pleasure to place an order with Wallace Print, and your Customer Care and Service is wonderful.

Ronnie Lindenberg, MCS

Quality service, Chris and the team always go the extra mile. Thank for delivering our rebrand and we look forward to working with you next year.

Matt Rogers, Buckmore Park

Thanks for all your help this last year & the amazing projects we have completed! You have really gone above and beyond.

Mel Bidewell , Wahl


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